I feel very strongly about this. I’ve written quite a few songs about this.
It’s scary to think that when you are a little girl in a pink dress, if your parents still only buy you every single pink thing in town, you are told that the guy is supposed to call you, ask you out, wait for you, open the door for you, pay for you, ask you to marry him, give you all you want want and love..
It is very easy to fall into believing that that is something good. Some of it is nice, but all of it is unhealthy.
Princesses are supposed to be saved by the prince. They wait for him to kill the dragon, kill the bad guy, Kiss them, Transform them, Come running and Marry them.
When you hit puberty and they are scared to come close to you and you are scared to say a word. There is no normal interaction. “Am I doing this right..?¿” is all you think.
How many times has a girl not said a word to a boy just because she is a girl and he is a boy and he’s supposed to make the first move. How many teenage lovers have completely not looked each other in the eye..?¿
Then when you grow a little more, there’s a dark place where the world is in silence and you are supposed to do the right thing. Girls, Teenagers, Women are told from the very start that they are feeble, they aren’t as strong, they aren’t as able, they aren’t as good, they aren’t worthy of the same amount of duty, money, work, strength.. Everything.
Here is my song LIVE LIFE.. I wrote this two years ago about this Disney world We live in..

This video is great, It made me smile and rage at the same time. Take a look at these girls.

ZoZo X