20 Years

20 Years ago this Month, These wee Munchkins moved to Catalunya..
My home for the next 17 years of my life..
My Dad was instructed to find a car and some sort of house.
This is the car and the house was some sort of box beside a railway line that trembled when the trains passed by. Sant Jordi Desvalls.
I would grab onto the electricity pole to stop my wee body from trembling whenever trains flew by.
The lack of communication about every single thing possible in life sparked up the option of moving back to Scotland but not in enough time for me to stop my schooling in Catalunya, the little world in the North East of Spain they built for moi. So there I spent my childhood
As my parents decided to learn Catalan and not Spanish..I was handed the phone many times to solve electricity, water, actual phone, gass problems.. I had the “I know everything” Child voice on pretty much all of my childhood.. Till I moved to The UK 3 years ago and realized I had no idea about anything. Little village/field life in Catalunya to big busy city life in Britain is a bit of a change! BUUT ask moi where the Giraffe in the woods is.. I can tell you, secret between you and me :3
This was the Xmas Card for the next 5 years! 😎 X
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ZoZo X