“Hi are you mad?” “Oh yes, are you? Well, you are! Look at your face? I smiled and nodded! My name is Mick! I’m mad – I talk to myself!”

He’d been talking out loud throughout my little bus route to school this morning. Every single
thing he said I agreed with.. “Why is that car turning? Oh damn! The traffic lights, silly woman..”

He asked me how I was, after wishing him “Have a Good day!” I felt a little bad, because when I got on
the bus half asleep, with no eagerness to talk to anyone, I turned away quickly after he said “Hello!”. Something I rarely do as I like to speak to people.

We both happened to get off at the same stop in Kensal Rise. I stood with him for a minute,
as I had to run for my train (of course!), and he was talking and shouting loudly about life and how mad he was. I smiled and nodded:- We are, we are all mad! He loved being the way he was. I’m proud he was proud. He told me about 10 times in that one minute that he was mad. I assured him that I was mad too and I love talking to myself (which is true!) And he said “Yes, Look at your face! You’re mad too!”
“Have a great day!” And we high fived!

I like people. I like that he loves the way he is and it was endearing to watch a middle aged man be completely honest with himself and the world.
ZoZo moments..
❤ ZoZo X