There’s some sort of consistency in the world and the things we thought were meant to happen.
So many times I’ve woken up with sun rays beaming through my window and a feel of amazement and loving towards everyone. I just can’t do it. The pillow is stuck to me. After various attempts at opening my eyes and finding my alarm for about an hour, I get up, wash my face, brush my teeth and have some yummy homemade bread. I’m always in a rush in the morning. I paint my face, get dressed and I’m out the door running for the next 52, 452. I’ll blame everything on the traffic, the other people, the bus, the bus driver, the dog, the dog walker, the pram, the baby, the traffic lights, the other traffic lights.. Everyone but me.
But bed was just too comfortable. Bed was my paradise. I couldn’t see anything else but more bed when my alarm goes off.
I stumble off the bus after putting glitter on my face and run for the overground. Yes, I miss it, that was quite most probable. So that’s at least an 8 minute wait. Of course I believe I have time to go and buy something to eat from Minkies, the cafe above the station and then back to the station running to not miss the next Train. I don’t. That’s good. That is the first good thing that happens, I don’t miss the train after the one I missed.
I run down the steps after stumbling off the train. It’s still sunny. The day is still as amazing as it was when it looked so so far away from my bed. It’s as amazing as my bed feels when the alarm goes. The bed seems to get more and more comfortable every time the alarm after it’s 10 minute snoozy button goes off.
I’m going to bed now
❤ ZoZo X