Mango Tea

I said I liked Mango tea, so did you. We sat in the breeze looking out to the sea of buildings. I smiled and sighed when the tube announced we were going to be stopped for 10 minutes, so did you. I looked round and grumbled, so did you. You flicked my fringe back and kissed my forehead. I smiled. So did you.
His charming spirit living strong everyday. A young man who dreamed big. Willing to be as perfect as he could be. Eager to impress but without putting on a masquerade.
You stare at the skies. They are moving. The clouds live a life of their own. We share your cheap headphones. The cables tickling my hands. 1 minute passes. Still stopped staring out the windows. The doors open again and a woman gets on and sits in front of us. She stares at us. You tap your foot to the music. You pick my hand up and tap it to the rhythm of the music. I look at you, you smile back. What? with a cheeky smile. What, nothing! I say. No, what? You ask again. You move my fringe and put it neatly back. The song finishes and you stop tapping your foot. I said I like that song, so did you. I like this one, yes so do you. which is our song he asked me. All of them and kissed his cheek. I looked up and stared down the tube. People were sitting staring down at their feet. You lifted your head and stared into my eyes. When are you going home I asked. He closed his eyes and sighed. Never, Canada is far. I can imagine you perfectly, but it’s not the same as having you beside me everyday. I closed my eyes and sighed. What if I said I was going home? Would you come with me? I said I was staying beside you forever, so did you.
ZoZo X