I started off my day by getting a phone call in bed from my parents singing Happy Birthday plus my dad on Piano 💜
Got my camera ready and wandered around Portobello eating Tiramissuu. Went to WholeFoods and one of the cashiers was so sweet and recognised me and my card from somewhere 😮🙊 That was lovely! Then I wandered back home and put some more glitter on my face —>
I had a lovely night with some friends at a great gig with loads of fancy lights siiii!! Then we took millions of photos, impromptu photoshoot with Tim Ward , well that was fun! 😎 AND I was given a Big Silver Glitter Shoe by John! Thank you!
Thank you for all the lovely Birthday wishes and all the love ✨ Some really touching words too, that create some purple raindrops from my eyes :’)
Sending you all Sparkly Hugs! And wishing you all an amazing 2016 and forever! 🌙🎶✨
💜 ZoZo X