1 Week To Go

It’s raining. It’s grey now and again. It’s a rainbow day. The sun keeps popping up and then disappearing too suddenly. I had my windows open and was photographing the raindrops and rooftops.

I’m sitting at my desk eyes glued to my screen listening to one of my songs over and over again. Adding little sounds, muting them, turning counter melodies up and down, rewriting some words, then turning them up, turning them down, listening again, writing hooks, well, trying to write little hooks, muting them, un muting them.. etc and so on. The process of producing your own music is long, I enjoy it and I love being safe in my little space working on my creations.

It’s still raining, I make some tea, ginger and green tea and some oat milk, I think I’m getting a cold but that doesn’t bother me right now, I am safe in my space. It’s not going to stop raining, I know. If I do get a cold I hope it’s over and gone away from my life by next Wednesday. Next Wednesday is a fun day, I’m playing my first gig with my band. I’m excited and a little nervous, still a lot to do before then.

When I’m nervous about something I take every little day by day, it helps, sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t because my mind races around everything that could go wrong.

But I’m now going to go back to practicing my synths and eating more xocolata.

See you Wednesday 16th March, Paper Dress Hackney Central, 8.30pm


❤ ZoZo X