About Me


I’m ZoZo, welcome to my world called ZoZoLand. I’m an electronic synth dream-pop artist. I also do photography and video.

I was born in a tiny village in Scotland. My parents bought an old second hand caravan and went on an adventure through France and Spain. After 6 months they ended up settling in Catalunya when I was just 3.

I began my artistic journey right from the beginning brought up in the sunny hills of Catalunya. My PaPa plays and composes classical piano and my MaMa is a knitwear designer along with a lot of other visual art talents she has.

I used to sing to the trees and tell stories to the animals. After a few years of dabbling in various artistic outlets I bought a guitar and began playing all the time and creating melodies soon to become songs mixed with melancholic poetry and dreams.

I moved to the UK on the 19th of September 2011. I experimented with production, electronic sounds and synths.

My songs are reflective, travelling through dreams and reality. My lyrics are intimate and whispery, I hope you can pick out some dreams of your own.

On the 19th of September 2016, exactly 5 years after moving to the UK I will release my debut EP. This is a collection of 4 Dream Pop songs, entitled DREAMERS ON THE RUN.

“You often say you love experiencing life on your own because the world is your stage and you have time to see every detail; stop and ponder.” says her Mum in an emotional conversation about her journey through her late teens / early 20s.

Feel free to call yourself a ZoZoLander.


❤ ZoZo X