I’ve been fascinated about the world. From a little girl I grew up in the middle of the woods. I was a tomboy and climbed trees and made animals out of branches. I always chose the different thing compared to my friends although I longed to be short like them and not stand out with my red skin and tallness that you take everywhere as a Scottish born little michelin baby. I still love purple, glitter and finding new ways to do things.

Now I live in one of the busiest, craziest, biggest cities in the world. I’ll see a paper on the ground with a scribbled note on it. It may be the secret password to finding a free chocolate bar or the keys to the treasures that we were looking for. NO, it’s just a shopping list. I’ll see someone hiding behind a curtain watching the busy streets. It may be the person who has the fairy dust that will let me grow wings and be able to fly anywhere I want. I still need to prove myself to them, I have the key to that building now so that is my next mission. NO, just someone peeking through the curtains watching the busy streets and probably can’t even see me.
There’s a mystical world everywhere. We are part of a Mystical world. We are a mystical world. I may be a delirious girl living in a world made of secrets, enigmas, questions, answers, queries, love and lost, fear and desire. But isn’t that what this world is?¿
In my lyrics I delve deep into feeling I’ve had, have and will one day find. I’m scared of saying some things out loud. But I’m not afraid of saying other things. I have quite strong opinons about people and certain situations. I consider myself queen of passive agressive. Something that isn’t necessarily a good thing. I just blame everything on being an artist and expressing my fears, loves, hates, passion through music and songwriting.

❤ ZoZo X