She lay on her bed thinking about where she was going next. The air was warm and the windows were blowing in fresh summer air. The streets were dark, fainting voices, into darkness, cars and sirens all playing their part in the city. She looked up at the ceiling and blinked. Blinked again and tried to keep her eyes closed. Her body clock was telling her to stay awake but she knew that she wanted to sleep. She wanted to sleep so bad. It was 3am and her phone starts blinking.
I ask her to tell me a few words. I’m looking for ideas for a new blog. Study, memorise, dream, words, lying down, phone, photos, paper, sleep, pen, black, enough, look, examine, group, company, work. Did you describe yourself? I asked her. Ah yes kind of.
We both fall asleep at the same time, me at my laptop writing, her on the other side of the world on her bed drawing.



❤ ZoZo X