I sat at my window thinking for hours how I’d explain certain things to certain people about certain people and things. The only thing I knew was that I had millions of words and millions of sounds recreating the bittersweet feelings I feel.
Crime Scene is a girl finding answers in the darkness and confusion somewhere she “shouldn’t” be.
Tim and I created a video on a spring day in March. It was the first day the sun was shining in quite a long time. I brought my colours and glitter with me and we took some photos for Tim’s Concept photoshoot about colour. I’d always wanted to work with Tim. We’d been in touch for about a year and discussed how we’d take over the world. We spoke about our creative process and our loves and fears of being an artist. I love Tim’s photography. He manages to capture intimate moments. Moments when you’re deep in thought and happen to be exactly what he’s looking for. We decided to start rolling the camera and made up a story in this little garden within Regent’s Park. It was all very spontaneous and endearing. We only had 45 minutes and that was enough to create a story.
I’ve been working on the production of my songs and crafting my sound for the past few months. I had many songs I wanted to put to our Purple footage to (I call it that because there’s a lot of purple) but wanted to find the right one, one that really touches me. I really loved the images we filmed and thought Tim really captured me in a different, fascinating way that I wanted to show to the world.

I wrote Crime Scene Mid April and started recording it for a Uni project. I listened to the lyrics over and over again while writing the song and ended up refining them into what they are now. I didn’t know where I was going with this song but the chorus “While I’m sitting in a Crime Scene, watching the rain go down, I better stay tonight, because I, I am always cold, cold in the morning” really struck something in me.
It brought me back to two years ago when I made my way up to London from Brighton to play a little gig in a venue behind Portobello Rd. I used to come about 3-4 times a week for 6 months before I finally moved to London on the 25th August 2013. I got out of the tube and walked straight into a crime scene. There were about 6 police cars. The pavement was empty but there were people further down staring, watching, looking. On that rainy night 2 years ago I met up with a few friends. One who I became more friendly with and so the story goes into my music.
When I finished the song I realised that The “Crime Scene” was a metaphor of my past 2 years. A relationship that made no sense at all really. We were complete opposites but understood each other so well. We were and still are best friends. I asked him as we walked along a bridge at midnight in July “Why is it we get on so well when we’re so different?” and we both paused and stared out to the busy street. He suddenly turned around and said “We’re not facing up to reality”.
It was a relationship where I didn’t want to fall in love and didn’t because in the back and front of our minds this was finishing. We just had to decide when.
❤ ZoZo X