See You Soon

“Good Bye, see you soon”. He got off and that was it. She’ll see you soon, whenever that will be next. She stared at her phone and went through photos. Read texts and re-read many words she’d written. She read unsent texts. The ones that are written to the imaginary friend, the ones you wish you could just be bold enough to send. 
See you soon. See you soon. Those words played in her mind. When and what does that mean in this city..? The people are scattered around, a maze of buildings, cars, buses and people. True to every word they say they will see each other soon. “Soon” if you think of the amount of years on earth is actually not that long. But you can loose them all so quick and fast. And as for him. He would only ever maybe appear if she decided to ever say something. His stubbornness to keep it cool and never say a word was his game till the end. 
❤ ZoZo X